Dirt Jumping

Private Coaching

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Our coaches are available for private coaching and small group lessons. All ages, abilities and skill levels are welcome from beginner to shredder.

This option is the most flexible in terms of ride time, skill saturation and individual attention.

Riders interested in this option should contact for more information and to schedule their next ride!

Small group size limited to 4-6 riders.

Gurion Blattman

Gurion Blattman

Full Time Coach

Gurion Blattman is an IMBA-certified coach with a passion for riding and helping the next generation find a love for biking.

He sold his business on the East Coast to move to Boulder with his family to enjoy the outdoors and the over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Riding at Valmont Bike Park, he saw a lot of kids without safety gear, with the wrong bikes, and without the skills they needed to be safe. He started providing free bike skills clinics with his son to his friends and some neighbors. Soon after, 303Dirt was formed with the philosophy of having small group classes taught by experienced riders.

Our goals are to provide an experience for kids that is fun, exciting, and safe, and to build the foundation for a lifelong passion for biking.

Myles Rockwell
Myles Jumping

Myles Rockwell

Seasonal Coach

Myles Rockwell is a mountain biking legend and a member of the Mountain Biking Hall of Fame. After years of pursuing his dream, he became the MTB Downhill World Champion in 2000.

He encountered numerous hurdles along the way, including breaking both legs in a motocross accident in 1997. His doctors believed he would never race again, yet Myles still loves to mountain bike today.

He aims to give back to the community by offering his exceptional bike coaching skills and inspiring life story to positively influence the next generation.

He is the president and co-founder of Rockwell Ridewell, a father of three, and a dedicated husband and mentor.

Gavin Wren Photo

Gavin Wrenn

part-Time Coach

Hello, my name is Gavin. I have been riding for over ten years and coaching for six. When I was about 13 my parents bought me a dirt jumper and I absolutely fell in love with the sport. My favorite place to ride at Valmont is definitely the dirt jumps. It is such a great time helping all kinds of riders learn the jumps I grew up riding. Additionally, back in 2018 I entered a slopestyle competition at Valmont and ended up walking away with first place which was an awesome experience!

Matthew Fineberg

Coach In Training

Hi, my name is Matthew and I’ve been riding for 3 years. I am 13 years old and I am so happy to start coaching for 303 Dirt.

I actually used to be a camper at 303 Dirt and it was a perfect place for me to learn and improve on my bike and I can’t wait to coach kids what 303 Dirt taught me.

Ally Welch

Ally Welch

part-Time Coach

I have a passion for both biking and coaching. I started dirt jumping six years ago at Valmont bike park. I’m pursuing my undergraduate degree at the UC Boulder for a BA in elementary education. Kids’ love for action sports has led me to help coach for the Special Olympics and Girls Ride Toosday, a women’s dirt biking club. I’m an amateur national motocross racer who wants to get more kids into the biking community by providing guidance and assistance to the next generation.

Dominick Osterhold

Part-Time Coach

Hi. I’m Dominic and I’m going to be a Freshman at New Vista High School in the Fall.

I’ve been biking for 2 years. I like biking because it makes me feel free and like I’m flying.

Skull Punk

Frequently Asked Questions

303 Dirt sets up on the picnic tables right next to the parking lot off the AIRPORT ROAD entrance to Valmont Bike Park. Valmont Bike Park has two parking lots: one off Valmont Road on the South side of the park (skate park and dog park) and one off Airport Road on the West side of the park (small playground, grassy area and dirt jumps.)

Riders should bring a bike that fits correctly and is in working order with the tires pumped up. Riders will need to have a bike helmet and elbow and knee pads. Protection is not optional for any riding level or ability. 303 Dirt supplies riders with Gatorade Zero and will sometimes have snacks available but riders should bring their own water bottles and snacks if they need it. There is a water bottle filler and a water fountain at the bike park, as well as bathrooms for all riders.

Riders should arrive at least 10 minutes before start time in order to unload and unpack bikes, pads and helmets. 303 Dirt coaches will check riders in and take a look at bikes, pads and helmets to make sure that everything is in working order and fits properly. 303 Dirt can make small seat adjustments and pump up tires only. Please notify 303 Dirt coaches of any medical concerns, allergies, special needs and/or circumstances, etc. Once all riders have been checked in, 303 Dirt coaches will lead riders to the asphalt pump track to warm up with a few laps. During this time, coaches will assess each rider’s ability in order to start riders in the most appropriate level group. Kids learn quickly and skills improve dramatically so a rider who is inexperienced at the beginning of the week may have the opportunity to move to another group depending upon skills and confidence. Biking is fluid and kids are never “stuck” in a group that is not appropriate for their biking level.
303 Dirt coaches will have a first aid kit on hand at all times and riders will be treated for minor scrapes and cuts. For any injury requiring more than a few band aids, 303 Dirt will call parents and/or emergency contacts right away. Scrapes and cuts can be expected but serious injuries are avoided at all costs. Riders are encouraged to try new jumps and features only when 303 Dirt coaches feel that they have obtained the appropriate level of skill and are not too tired.
Riders should be picked up on time in order to give 303 Dirt coaches the ability to give feedback to all riders and their guardians in a timely manner. Pick up is in the same spot as drop off: at the picnic tables next to the parking lot off the AIRPORT ROAD entrance to Valmont Bike Park. If your child loved their session, please register for more!
At the end of each session, parents will have the opportunity to talk to 303 Dirt coaches to learn how their child performed that day. Coaches will review what the kids did, what they accomplished, things to be psyched about, things to work on and any other questions or concerns that riders and/or guardians may have. Guardians can always follow up anytime via email:

Helmet and pads are mandatory for all bike camps and can be purchased in bicycle shops and online.
Some name brand bike pads for kids include: Simply Kids, G-Form and 7iDP and many of these can be found at local bike shops and
There are several bike helmet brands out there that can also be found in local bike shops, REI and We suggest buying a helmet in person so you can get the fit just right. A regular bike helmet works great for beginner and intermediate levels and full face helmets are encouraged for experienced riders that are tackling the BIG (M, L and XL) dirt jumps!

We love the The Fix Bikes which is right next to Valmont Bike Park but be aware that they open at noon on week days.

You can find the latest trail conditions on the Valmont Bike Park FaceBook page. Fortunately, it’s updated quite often.

What People Are Saying

“My children love biking at Valmont with 303Dirt after school and on summer mornings. Gurion and his well-organized staff are all patient, enthusiastic, and super fun teachers who have elevated my kids’ skill sets tremendously. I trust my kids are safe, building confidence, and having a blast on their bikes when they’re biking with 303 Dirt.”

~ Alicia B.

“Gurion is an amazing rider and even better teacher! My two small groms have so much fun in his bike skills class and ride fundamentally better because of him.”

~ Anonymous